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Corporate Data

Corporate Name
Megahouse Corporation
Head Office
No.2 Bandai Building, 2-5-4 Komagata, Taito-ku , Tokyo 111-0043, Japan
March 2, 1962
Paid-in Capital
Bandai Co.,Ltd.
Main Business
Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of toys,figures and general games, etc.
Sales Revenue
9.3 billion Japanese Yen (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2013)
No. of Employees
Main Clients
Bandai Co.,Ltd., Happinet Co.,Ltd., Toys"R"Us-Japan, Ltd.

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第51期 貸借対照表
第52期 貸借対照表

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March 1962:
Established as Kaken Corporation to create, manufacture and sell electronics related educational items and toys.
March 1996:
Kaken Corporation become one of Bandai's group companies.
April 1996:
Paid-in capital was increased to 320 million Japanese Yen.
March 1997:
Kaken Corporation was merged together with two Bandai group companies,B-Ai Co.,Ltd.and Angel Co.,Ltd.,and the paid-in capital was increased to 1.52 billion Japanese Yen.
July 1997:
Company name was changed to Megahouse Corporation
August 2003:
Paid-in capital was reduced to 920 million Japanese Yen.
April 2005:
PALBOX Co.,Ltd. Was merged with Megahouse due to the partial management transfer of PALBOX Co.,Ltd.
January 2007:
Paid-in capital was reduced to 10 million Japanese Yen.

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Access MAP

Bandai No.2 Building, 2-5-4 Komagata , Taito-Ku , Tokyo
111-0043 , Japan

Toei Oedo Line Kuramae Stn. Exit A7 : 5 min. walk

Tobu Skytree Line Asakusa Stn. : 10 min. walk

Ginza Line Asakusa Stn. Exit 4 : 8 min. walk

Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Stn. Exit A2 : 3 min. walk

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